Thursday 17 January 2013

Quotable Quotes - Australian Open Day 4

Victoria Azarenka

"Never underestimate anybody.  Anybody on a given day can play outstanding match.  You know, especially when they have nothing to lose"

 "Well, it was pretty hot.  That's why I was trying to play fast.  The first match I got a little bit sunburned.  You don't want to make that mistake again."

Ayumi Morita

on playing Serena Williams in the 3rd round:

"Yeah, she's of course great player and a great champion.  I just want to try my best out there.
And I never played her, so, yeah, just go on the court and hope I can play well and enjoy the match."

Serena Williams

Q.  You play Ayumi Morita next.  Have you played her much or know much about her?
 SW:    No, I haven't played her before, I don't think.  We'll see.
Q.  She bowed out last year in the same round, in the third round.  Do you think she will come back with a bit of vengeance trying to get through to the fourth round and put up a tough fight against you?
SW:  Who do I play? 

Jo Wilfried Tsonga

Q.  You belong to a group of contenders, together with Federer and Del Potro, who can beat the top 4, but it's hard to get to the semis most of the time.  How difficult is it for you?  Because you did it in 1998. 
JWT:  Of course it's never easy, because every player I will meet before that will try to get their chance.  You know, yeah, I'm just looking for the next match, and then I will see after that what I can do.

Kimiko Date Krumm

on how many more Australian Opens she plans to play:

"Five more (laughter).  But not easy.  Not easy.  I need new body"

Andy Murray

when asked about the match-up between Roger Federer and Nikolay Davydenko:

" I think it will be a good match.  I practiced with Nikolay before the tournament.  He's hitting the ball well. 
He obviously had a good start to the year in Doha.  He's playing with the racquets that he was playing with when he had most of his success.  But I'd expect Roger to win." 

Bernard Tomic

when asked about his potential match-up with Roger Federer:

" Yeah, if it is him, then what a match it is, you know, 10 out of 10 now with matches.  I feel so confident.  This is the perfect time to play him.  I think, you know, I've got a good attitude to win.  I've beaten a lot of good players over the last past two weeks, especially Novak.  I think I can do it if he wins his match.
I'm ready.  I mean, I'm not going to say, you know, I don't have the belief.  I do have the belief now.  It's possible.  I showed that in Perth, that you can beat these players.  Now I'm going to try to beat him.

Roger Federer

when asked about Bernard Tomic:

"It's nice he's been able to turn it around after a tough end of the year last year.  It seems he's playing well.  Obviously a difficult matchup in terms of early in the tournament.  But I've got to be ready, so I'm looking forward to the match"

I absolutely loved Roger Federer's response on does he watch videos of players before his matches:

"In a heartbeat you know exactly what your opponent can do.  It's just a matter of compressing it all together when it's really important and then be confident in your own playing. At the end of the day, you have a lot to say as well out there."

This is all for today, I hope to continue to bring some snap-shots from the interviews of players to you every-day.

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