Sunday, 20 January 2013

Quotable Quotes Australian Open Day 7

Novak Djokovic

All the credit to him.  I feel sorry that one of us had to lose.  He definitely deserved to win.

Stanislas Wawrinka

Was that perhaps the best match you ever played and coming off feeling the worst you've ever felt?
SW:  For sure.  Yeah, for sure.  But I think it's by far my best match I ever play, especially in five sets against the No. 1 player.
Especially I was dealing with myself all the five hours, trying to always find solution, trying to always fight against me and against him to stay with him.
At the end I was really, really close.  For sure I'm really sad.  It's a big deception to lose that match.  But I think there is more positive than negative.

Agnieszka Radwanska
With the performance you showed in all these matches, do you think maybe in small parts of your heart you're unstoppable?
AR:  Well, I think no one is unstoppable, to be honest.  This is sport; this is tennis.
But like I'm playing, it's just great feeling I can really play my best tennis from the beginning of the year.  It's been a great three weeks so far

You and Li Na don't have very strong serve obviously.  But in your mind, who has the better one?
AR:  Well, I think in our matches it's not about the power on the serve.  I think we both have other shots, other type of games that we are good at.
That's why, you know, even against the players that's serving 200 per hour, we still can be able to beat.
You know, tennis is not about the serve only.

Ana Ivanovic

And, you know, rankings don't lie.  She's there because she deserves it.

Do you think Agnieszka can challenge Serena, Sharapova, Azarenka for a Grand Slam title?  Is she on the same level?
AI:  Well, she took Serena into third set in Wimbledon, in grass.  I think she definitely can.
You know, she's a player, it's no secret, who doesn't make too many winners, but she has good hands.  She can really get the opponents to feel a little awkward, you know, make you go for too much.
You know, that's her strength.

Ekaterina Makarova
I lost her quarters last year, so I think it's really interesting.  I really want to play against her.

Maria Sharapova

Do you think you're playing well enough to win this or do you really have to wait till you play some of the fellow high seeds to find that out?
MS:  Like I mentioned in my previous answer, it's not about waiting to see where you are in the semis or finals, it's about who's ahead of you.
And my next match is against Makarova.  I have to do the right things to beat her.
If I win that, it's moving on to the next one.  That's how I go about a tournament, a Grand Slam.  Obviously I want to be playing my best tennis towards the end of the second week.

David Ferrer

You are in the top four ranking wise. 
DAVID FERRER:  I am top four because Rafael is injured a long time.  Is the true. 
Q.  Do you feel you're in that group?
DAVID FERRER:  No, no.  I think the top four, they are better. 

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