Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Brian Baker - Tough Luck Continues

Australian Open day 3, that started so well for Brian Baker ended up horribly. Baker has had a history of injuries and yet anther one hit him today as he led Sam Querrey in the pair's 2nd round encounter at Australian Open on court no.6.

The first set went to the tie break which Baker won 7-2. Both players held to start the second set and just as Baker was serving at 1-all in the 2nd set, and something went wrong as he dropped his racquet and could not put wait on his right leg. He dropped his racquet and hobbled to his seat.

Trainer came out and Baker told him that he took one step backward and felt something pop. Querrey came over to sit next to Baker. Baker constantly shook his head as in disbelief.

The pain was just too much for Baker, as he limped shook hands with Querrey and retired. Wheelchair had to be brought in to take Baker off-court. This was one bad sight.

Baker made a come-back last year and reached the second week in Wimbledon. Baker had his share of injuries that caused him not to pursue his career in tennis early on in his tennis career. It was remarkable to see him make a come-back, it was one of the most inspirational stories last year. Now to see him being moved off-court in a wheel chair is one of the saddest stories.

I will end the article with Baker's words "Something rubbed back and forth and I couldn't straighten my leg. I've never had knee problems in my life" 

Here is to the hoping that this is not something serious and Baker recovers fully sooner than later.

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