Wednesday 15 August 2012

Nadal out of U.S Open 2012

Rafael Nadal continues to rehab his knees. Nadal, the 2010 U.S Open champion and last year’s runner-up, has withdrawn from this year's U.S Open due to his knee problem (tendinitis).

“I am very sad to announce that I am still not ready to play ad have to withdraw from this year's US Open in NYC. I am sorry since I always found great crowds and great support, but I have to continue with my recuperation and preparation to be ready to play in the right conditions. I want to say hi and thanks to all the fans in particular to the new yorkers. I'll miss you all this year at the Open!” Nadal said on his face-book page today.

Nadal first cited the problem when he withdrew from the exhibition match he was scheduled to play Djokovic on 14th July 2012, after his surprise 2nd round exit at the hands of Rosol.
“I will now work on my rehab as well as taking some short holidays to resume my practise in 15 days,'' Nadal said in a statement.

However, he could not recover in time for the Olympics and had to withdraw from the Olympics, where he was the flag-bearer for Spain. Nadal announced it on twitter on 19th July, 2012.
"I'm sorry, I can't to compete in the Olympics. This is one of the saddest moments of my career.”

Following his withdrawal from Olympics, Nadal also withdrew from the 2 masters series before the U.S Open, Rogers Cup and Cincinnati.
"I am not ready to play,I am continuing with my recup and practise" Nadal declared via his face-book page before the start of Rogers Cup, Toronto.

“I won't be playing at Cincinnati Open. I am still not ready to play. I have unforgettable moments in 2008. I am continuing with my recup” Nadal announced on 9th August, 2012 on twitter

World no.1 and Nadal's long time rival, Roger Federer, showed concern for Nadal the other day, when he said in a press conference in Cincinnati.
“I was going to write him and check on him because I can't believe he's been out that long, I thought the Olympics, okay, that's fine. That's a personal choice. I thought for sure we would see him in Toronto, but now he missed Toronto and Cincinnati.  It's very surprising, because it was nothing that we heard of prior to the injury.  He played so well on clay, and then actually seemed fine at Wimbledon. He had more time by losing earlier at Wimbledon.  So it came as big surprise now, these two pull outs for me.  Even the Olympics, too.  So I'm sad for him.  I hope he'll be back for the Open."

It is said “The Motto of Champions: If you are hurt, you can suck it up and press on. If injured, you can rebound and return bigger and better...and continue to inspire!

The last time Nadal got back from injury, he returned back stronger and confident.  He spent 9 weeks off the tour to rest his knees after he bowed out of Roland Garros 2009 in the 4th round at the hands of Soderling. He withdrew from Wimbledon that year and lost the top spot to Federer after Wimbledon 2009. However, he returned stronger than before, as he went on to win 3 Grand Slams in 2010 starting with French Open (d. Soderling), Wimbledon (d. Berdych) and finally U.S Open (d. Djokovic).

With Nadal out of the U.S Open, it is very likely that Murray will overtake Nadal for the 3rd spot after U.S Open. Nadal has not set a return date yet as he has said that, I will compete when my knee says I am ready to compete. I don't want to go on court with bad feeling because then it is terrible.”

He has been off tour for around 7 weeks now and since he won't be competing at U.S Open, this will mark the longest spell of his career; he has spent off tour due to injury, the previous one coming in 2009 (9 weeks).

Nadal's game style had always been considered as very exhausting and very physical and given his recurring knee problems the questions about the longevity of his career arise. He is just 26 years old and this is his second time going off tour due to the knee problem. What implications will it have on his career, remains to be seen.

Will we see another stronger and more confident Nadal when he returns from injury or will he get tired of injuries and fade away? 

Here is to the hoping that Nadal recovers quickly and returns to the tour, for the tour is not really the same without him. Let us all join our hands and keep our fingers crossed for the health of one of the best tennis players ever. Your thoughts regarding Nadal's health and wishes for his well being are welcome.

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