Friday 6 July 2012

Federer's win in numbers (Federer d. Djokovic Wimbledon Semi-Final 2012)

Roger Federer walked onto the court today knowing that no one has been able to beat him in the semi-finals of Wimbledon in his 7 prior attempts, knowing that he will have a shot at the record equalling 7th Wimbledon trophy should he get past Djokovic today, knowing that he will have shot to regain the top spot again and level Samprass's record of most weeks spent at top.

Djokovic walked onto the court knowing that he had won 6 of the last 7 encounters with Federer, knowing that he will have to win this match to retain the top spot, the position he got after his win at Wimbledon last year, knowing that he was one of the last players to beat Federer (the last being Haas).

Djokovic was trying to become the first man to beat Federer in the semi-final of Wimbledon, but Federer was trying to keep his record intact, and in the end it was the Majestic Swiss who downed the Magical Serb. The Swiss Aura was too much for the Serbian Spell as Federer marched into his 8th Wimbledon final, his first in 3 years.

Let us have a look at the numbers behind Federer's win and Djokovic's loss:

Description  Djokovic    Federer  
Aces        9      12
Double faults       2        0
1st serves in     63%      64%
1st serve points won     71%     75%
2nd serve points won          57%     72%
Net points won     64%     52%
Break points won     33%     27%
Receiving points won     26%     34%
Winners     28     31
Unforced errors     21     10

Federer was clearly better than Djokovic in every department, winning 75% of his first serve points, 4% more than Djokovic. Djokovic had been winning 79% first points on average before his match-up against Federer. However, more telling was the winning %age on second serve, Djokovic maintained his winning %age on second serve at 57% as he had done in his previous matches, but Federer raised his to a whooping 72%. How can you win a match from a person who is winning 72% points behind his second serve?

Djokovic is considered as one of the best returners on the tour, but Federer outclassed him in this department today as well, winning 8% more points as compared to Djokovic while returning the serve.

Djokovic had winners-unforced errors differential of +24 on average, but he could not keep that level going compiling a differential of +7 only against Federer's +21.

Time and again Tennis experts have written Federer off, but every-time they do so he proves them wrong and comes back stronger. Remember 2008? 

Almost none of the tennis experts believed in Federer after his straight sets loss to Djokovic in Roland Garros semi-final and a straight sets loss at the hands of Tommy Haas in the Halle final. No one picked him to make the final, but here he is, in the final of Wimbledon again, proving his doubters wrong. What is more surprising is that the ones writing him off start praising him again when he proves them wrong.

For now, Federer walks into the final and has a shot at the 7th Wimbledon trophy, and a chance to regain the top spot, will he able to do it, remains to be seen. Once again, Federer comes back stronger to prove himself. Federer ended it in style with an un-returned serve and a sweet smile and a fist pump towards his box.


  1. Congrats Roger....
    This is HUGE
    All the best @ 8th wimbledon final.
    Come On.....

  2. Yup indeed this is huge and there is a lot on line! I hope he can win Wimbledon!