Sunday 10 February 2013

Montpellier - 2013 - Richard Gasquet downs Benoit Paire

Yesterday, Richard Gasquet and Benoit Paire won their matches to set up an all French final.

Gasquet was aiming to become the first man to win 2 titles in 2013 as he walked on the court, while Paire was aiming to win his first ATP tour level title.

Gasquet was the one who started strong, breaking Paire in the first game and then again in the seventh game of the first set to put his one hand on the trophy. Gasquet won the first set 6-2.

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Paire complained of some sort of smell and claimed that he was unable to concentrate due to that smell, however, as the match went on, it turned out it was Paire's game that was stinky as it was loaded with unforced errors.

Second set was more of the same as first set with the only difference that Gasquet also got broken once in the second set, however, Gasquet broke Paire twice to clinch the second set 6-3 and win the match and hence the title. The final score of the match being 6-2 6-3 in Gasquet's favour.

"I feel very happy and relieved to win here in Montpellier in front of my friends and family. Since the tournament has been here, it’s been an objective to lift the trophy. I was really disappointed last year when I lost in the quarter-finals. Defeating Gael [Monfils] in a difficult match earlier this week put me in the right direction towards the title." said Gasquet.

Paire had also positives to take out from the tournament " It’s a positive week overall for me,” said Paire. “I am a bit disappointed about today’s performance but Richard is a very strong player, with a very unique style, and there was nothing I could do today.  I know I have improved a lot in my attitude and it was important this week to show my parents I am no longer the Benoit who goes crazy and breaks racquets. I really needed them to see how I have changed and I need to keep going. I feel I am on the right track if I stay calm and focused"

Richard Gasquet with his win has become the first man to lift two trophies in 2013, having already triumphed at Qatar earlier this year. Gasquet is now 14-1 since the start of the year. I will be signing off with these words from Gasquet "I realise this is my best season start ever and I just want to keep going and stay healthy. I am leaving tomorrow to Rotterdam, then Marseille, which is also an important tournament in France for me.”

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