Wednesday, 7 March 2012

WTA 2012 So far, Consistency or Inconsistency....

A while a go there were lots of talks about the WTA players being inconsistent and not living up to their rankings consistently, but from the start of the new year (It has already been a good two months into the year), it seems like those talks have died down. How did those talks die down? Let us have a quick recap of the star-studded tournaments in 2012 so far:
Sydney : (Top 4 seeds were: Wozniaki, Kvitova, Azarenka and Li Na)
 Top 4 seeds with the lone exception of Wozniaki made it to the semi-finals. The semi-finals and the finals were all promising matches, all three going to three sets. It was Sydney, where we saw Azarenka in forming.

Australian Open: (Top 4 seeds were: Wozniaki, Kvitova, Azarenka and Sharapova)
After Sydney, came along the first Grand Slam of the year, the Australian Open. Here again 3 of the top 4 seeds made it to the semi-finals, again with the lone exception of Wozniaki who lost in the Quarters to the then defending champion Clijsters. The semi-finals here again proved to be great battles with Azarenka toughing it out against Clijsters and Sharapova just hanging in against Kvitova. Although the final was one sided, Azarenka won in straight sets, it did show that the women at the top are ready to back up their rankings with strong and deep runs at tournaments.

Doha: (Top 4 seeds were: Azarenka, Wozniaki, Stousr and Radwanska)
Doha was Azarenka's first event as the new world no.1.  Again we saw 3 of the top 4 seeds making it to the semi-finals. I think you would have guessed the lone exception out of the top 4 seeds, not making to semis, yes you are right, it was Wozniaki , yet again. Azarenka handed Radwanska her 3rd defeat of 2012 in as many meetings, while Bartoli retired after she lost the first set to Stousr. Azarenka routed Stousr in straight sets to claim her 3rd title of 2012 in as many tournaments.

Coming into Indiana Wells, there are a lot of intriguing questions that we will be seeking answers to:
1 - How long will Azarenka's streak continue?
2- Can Wozniaki bounce back from the disappointing start to 2012? At this time last year, she had already won one title (Dubai) and was runner up at Doha and had a semi-final showing at the Australian Open. This year she has yet to make a final.
3- How will Kvitova fare? She has played only 2 Fed cup matches after losing to Sharapova in Australian Open.
4- Is Radwanska for real? No one other than Azarenka has been able to beat Radwanska so far in 2012.
5- Can Sharapova bounce back from a disappointing loss to Kerber at Paris?
6- How will Li Na fare? Will her slump continue like last year, or will she show her game?
7- Where does Zvonareva stand after a very disappointing start to 2012? She is 4-4 so far in 2012.
8- Will Georges be able to build on her momentum or we will again see her inconsistency?

These are few of the many questions we will be seeking answers to, as we head to Indiana Wells and then Miami after that. Two great tournaments and intriguing matches await us. How do you see the women’s’ tennis so far in 2012 and what will you be watching out for during the Indiana Wells and Miami tournaments?

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